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Order Cancellations:

In principle, we do not accept cancellation of your order unless we are unable to deliver your order five days after shipment. Thank you for your understanding.

Returns & Exchanges:

We make every effort to supply quality merchandise, however, in the case of any of the following occurrences during delivery, we will offer return or exchange at our cost.
• If the product has been damaged or soiled.
• If a product different to that which was ordered is delivered.


If a return or exchange is required, please contact us within 8 days of receipt of the goods. You will be contacted by the preferred contact method supplied at the time of ordering.
In such cases please maintain the product in the packaging in which it was delivered. If an exchange is not possible due to the product being sold out a refund of both the product price and postage will be given. In addition, in cases where COD was use the COD Fee will also be refunded.

Japan 150-0001
Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 2-22-1 2F

DAYZ ARCHHRVES does not accept any returns or exchanges of products due to the customer's circumstances.
Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases:

• Where more than 8 days have passed since the arrival of the product.
• When the customer has used the product.
• Products which have been damaged or soiled by the customer.
• Products that have been processed and repaired by the customer.
• If the accessories such as boxes, tags, instructions, etc. of the product are damaged or lost.

All products handled in our shop meet the quality standards of manufacturers and meet the inspection standards of authorized distributors in Japan.
Please note that we do business on the understanding that there are fine scratches and scratches that inevitably occur at the time of manufacture. Marks and sunspots on the material are also considered good products, so we cannot accept returns and exchanges for such reasons.