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In "CIRCLE OF DAYZ," we take an in-depth look at people with strong ties to DAYZ and people who attract DAYZ's attention. For the 14th issue, we interviewed ALESSIO VITELLI, whose psychedelic artwork is a distinctive feature of his work. We interviewed him via e-mail about his background and his upcoming solo exhibition.

―――Please tell me about your background.

Alessio Vitelli:I have a graphic design background, I studied in Italy everything about lettering, logos and all things related to the media design.

―――Why did you start doing graphics and artwork?

Alessio Vitelli:I’ve actually started to do illustration after many years i was trying to work with the graphic design. It was just a loss of time sending my portfolio to the agencies, and all my graphic design works at that time was just not worth the time i spent doing logos and stuffs, so i decided to do what i love most, illustrations, but combined with a graphic design imprint.

―――Your graphics seem to be psychedelic influenced. Are you influenced by music, movies, or anything related to those things?

Alessio Vitelli:my illustrations are definitely strongly influenced by the psychedelic art, but by listen to a lot of music my art is also contaminated by that 80’s vibes touch that can make my style unique.

―――How did this exhibition start? Also, what do you think about the act of creating works?

Alessio Vitelli:This exhibition started thanks to the kind attention of Watanabe San, I met him via Instagram and he was so kind and open to let me do a collaboration with Bedwin and the Heartbreakers. I think that once I’ve got that fire starter for start a drawing or an artwork the piece I’m creating it became an extension of my soul, is not so easy to describe, is that tiny rope that keep all our artists souls and inspirations together.

―――How do you see the city of Tokyo?

Alessio Vitelli:Tokyo is an amazing city, and for amazing I mean a concentration of new vibes. It is a charging point of new ideas, inspiration, cool people, cool shop. I do come in Tokyo often and every time I gain something, and I come back to my house in Nagaoka full of new inspiration.