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“Create a Place”. There are various approaches to doing this, from artisan work in the architectural field, which is a little more abstract in the sense of making a place, to working to direct the overall space, world view and so on. There are countless styles between these two concepts. Within that, there is an interior design group called "M&M", which was launched by Toshimi Murakami and a friend. He is the person responsible for creating a place that has been handed down through the generations. It is a creative group that develops interior designs, original interiors, and apparel such as apparel shops and cafes. His attitude toward artisanal craftsmanship and his mastery of direction, which strongly reflects M&M's worldview, are the first to creatively harmonize their strengths without weakening the balance of power in the two categories belonging to the aforementioned "place-making".

"M&M" has worked on important shops that are indispensable in the history of the street, such as WHERE, NEIGHBORHOOD, and Supreme, and have a great influence on the context of creating creative places today.The interior of DAYZ, a shop that disseminates Tokyo's "Now" culture to the world, was also designed by M&M. This time we realized the connection and that workshop was specially photographed.

As you can see from the photos that show the existence of M&M, there isn’t anything special nor any unreal magic. In the studio that was pictured, you can see the essential worldview of M&M that they have cherished for many years and truly undying materials, machines and paints fill the space. What is the making of things that continue to create and update culture and history? I want you to feel that again through the medium of photography.

Text : Hiromu Sasaki
Photo : Yu Inohara