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The first issue of LIFE WITH PLANTS, a series of articles on DAYZ's relationship with plants, focuses on the Tamagawa Diner. Tamagawa Diner, like DAYZ, had the interior design done by M&M Custom Performance.

The Tamagawa Diner is an open-air restaurant along the Tamagawa River.
M&M did the interior design, and you can also see specially made iron flower pot at the restaurant, also available at DAYZ.

M&M is the creative group who also designed the interiors of NOWHERE, Supreme, and others. Toshimi Murakami, the head of M&M, Kanji Maehara of MASSES, and CHIKARA of STYLE OF CHIKA collaborated to create this iron flower pot.

The giant flower pot at Tamagawa Diner is the POT TYPE 3 “CALAVERA“。STYLE OF CHIKA", in which a huge agave from STYLE OF CHIKA is planted.

This small pot is POT TYPE 1 - Chrysails, which is the perfect size for houseplants, the same size as TYPE 2 and TYPE 4. Recommended for smaller plants.

There are also a total of five types of pots available, TYPE 1-5. All the pots are made from iron and aluminum, except for TYPE 3. Rust, which is the most distinctive feature of the iron flower pots, will become more and more distinctive, so you get to watch its personality change as time passes. If you prefer a flower pot that will retain its beautiful silver color forever, we recommend the pots be made of aluminum.

Unobstructed, open-air landscape from the Tamagawa Diner viewed through the eyes of M&M Custom Performance
Perfect location along the Tamagawa River. A great view of large sakura trees, and on clear days you can even see Mt. Fuji in the distance. Take in the view from the Tamagawa River while eating our fish & chips or TMG-style pulled pork.