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B+の写真展『Tried by Twelve: photography』がトランクホテルにて7月15日から開催

B+ photography exhibition "Tried by Twelve: photography by B+" at TRUNK HOTEL

Tr ied by Twelve: photography by B+", an exhibi tion of photographs by B+, one of America's leading hip - hop photographers, will be held at ROOM101 in TRUNK (HOTEL), Shibuya from July 15 (Fri) to 18 (Mon). Since the early 1990s, B+ has photographed more than 100 artists over the past 30 years, including top hip-hop artists such as Mos Def, Q-Tip, Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg, and Lauryn Hill.

In recent years, B+ has earned the trust of artists outside of the hip-hop scene, such as Damian Marley and Kamasi Washington, and continues to demonstrate his versatility not only as their official photographer, but also as a video director, working on music videos and other projects. B+ has been working on music videos as a video director, as well as an official photographer.

The colors,textures,and compositions of B + ' s photographs are truly unique, with a character that is recognizable at first glance as B+'s work, and his first photography book, "Ghostnotes: Music of the Unplayed," published in 2017, attracted attention for its high artistic quality.

Now, after a three-and-a-half-year absence from the exhibition held at Shibuya 16 (Sixteen) the year after the book's release, "Tried by Twelve: photography by B+" will showcase photographs of 12 artists photographed by B+ in the past. These 12 photographs include not only those that have been used on album jackets and in magazines, but also rare and previously unpublished photographs. The title of the exhibition, "Tried by Twelve," is taken from the underground hip-hop classic song of the same name by The East Flatbush Project, which was popularized in the Los Angeles hip-hop scene as a radio promoter. It is also a tribute to the late Byze One (who passed away from COVID-19 in March of this year), who introduced the song to the Los Angeles hip-hop scene as a radio promoter.

The artists whose photographic works will be exhibited are as follows. (in alphabetical order) Damian Marley / Erykah Badu / Flying Lotus / Jay Electronica / Kamasi Washington / Kendrick Lamar / Lauryn Hill / Madlib / Notorious B.I.G. / Ol’ Dirty Bastard / Questlove (The Roots) / Thundercat

On Friday, July 15, the first day of the exhibition, B+ himself will be present at a reception party in the lounge space on the first floor of TRUNK (HOTEL). Photos in the exhibition will also be available for purchase at the online store ( ) from July 14 (Thu).