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KOSUKE KAWAMURA, GUCCIMAZE, and YOSHIROTTEN Collaborative Exhibition from July 30th at Gallery Tsukigime

The collaboration "CHAOS LAYER" from YOSHIROTTEN (who is in charge of the design and art direction of DAYZ ARCHIVES), KOSUKE KAWAMURA, and GUCCIMAZE will be on display starting July 30th at Gallery Tsukigime.

This exhibition also serves as the opening of our new gallery, which moved to our new location in July. It will consist of a display of double-sided works on canvas using three digital collages created using a new production method, as well as an installation named CHAOS DESK, which combines the work of three people and creates a new kind of collage.

This project came to life after YOSHIROTTEN's proposal that the three of us, who each have a strong graphic design and digital art background, should create something together, rather than do a normal group exhibition. Ordinarily, it is unthinkable for an artist to hand over or let others touch their layered data during their creation process. We pushed the boundaries here: we let the second person edit the first person's work, and the third person edit the second person's work, and so on. After it was finished, KAWAMURA said, "In a positive sense, the work doesn’t belong to anyone”.

Although a specific message wasn’t deliberately expressed in the final work, we hope everyone will feel the clash of the individuality of the messages and images from each one of the artists.