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NEW RELEASE by MASSES x M&M|TYPE-5 “CONCH” from April 29th.

MASSES x M&M Custom Performanceのコラボレーションモデルが2022年も登場。

'CONCH'と名付けられたTYPE-5となる今回は、初期モデルよりファンの多い鉄鉢をM&M Custom Performanceが手掛けます。以前より発売しているTYPE 1,2,4よりも一回り大きい仕上がりになっており、その存在感がより強調された力強い出来上がりとなっております。

SMALL : 3 ~ 4.5号
MEDIUM : 5 ~ 6.5号
LARGE : 7 ~ 8.5号



The MASSES x M&M Custom Performance collaboration model is back for 2022.

This time, M&M Custom Performance will be working on the TYPE-5 named 'CONCH', an iron bowl that has been a fan favorite since the initial model.

The finished product is one size larger than the previously released TYPE 1, 2, and 4, and its presence is more emphasized with a powerful finish.

SMALL : 3 ~ 4.5
MEDIUM : 5 ~ 6.5
LARGE : 7 ~ 8.5


On sale in stores and online from Friday, April 29 11:00